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Eat Your Way to Health 

What you eat may lower 
your chances of getting 
certain types of cancer. 

Foods low in fat and high in fiber are healthy choices . 
You may lower your chances of getting certain types of cancer 
by eating healthy foods. This booklet is for those who enjoy 
Filipino food. The booklet provides guidelines on how to 
choose, cook, and eat foods for good health. 

Table of Contents 


Step 1: Choosing the Right Foods 


Step 2: Cooking for Health 


Step 3: Eating for Health 


Step 4: Dining Out in Healthy Style 


Recipes for Health 



Step 1. Choosing 

Pick your favorite low fat foods to make up y(iir 



Which low fat foods will you buy? 

LI low fat milk 
LJ low fat yogurt 
L I lowfat ice cream 
L I low fat cheese 

he Right Foods 

ir shopping list! 

Which low fat foods will you buy? 

Q chicken 

Gl lean red meat 

□ fish 

□ tofu 

Which low fat foods will you buy? 


LJ watermelon LJ mango 

l-J papaya LJ oranges 

LJ bananas LJ cantaloupe 

LJ guava 
LJ peaches 

Which low fat foods will you buy? 

LI bamboo shoots LJ broccoli 

LJ snow peas L I eggplant 

LJ chayote I— I celery 

LJ cauliflower LJ cabbage 

These foods are also high in fiber! 

Choosing High Fiber Foods 

Fiber may help to lower your risk of 
getting certain types of cancer. 

To set fiber, eat fruits, vegetables, dried beans, 
ana whole grains. 


The National Cancer Institute recommends 

5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day 

(1 serving equals 1 fruit or 1/2 bowl of vegetables). 


^^ beans ^^ bananas 


What high fiber foods will you buy? 

Step 2. Cooking fi 

Before Cooking 

1. Cut off fat from meats and cut skin from chicken 
before cooking. Then throw the fat away. 


or Health 


2. If you need to use oil when cooking a meal, use 
only a little oil — about 1 teaspoon per person. 
Use vegetable oil instead of lard. 




3. Cook with vegetables. 



'•'■ "-'- ' '" -•'*-"^ 


4. Use low fat cooking methods such as roasting, 
steaming, boihng, and baking. 


After Cooking 

5. Refrigerate soups, stocks, or gravy so the fat on top 
gets hard. Then remove the fat from the top and 
throw it away. 


After Cooking 

6. On those few special occasions when you use deep- 
frying, remove foods with slotted spoon. Pat foods 
with paper towel to remove more oil. 


Steps. Eating f( 

1. You need 2 servings of meat or chicken or fish every 
day; one serving is 3 ounces, or about the size of a 
deck of cards. 


)r Health 

2. For the rest of your meal, eat vegetables, 
whole grains, fruits, and soup. 


Step 4. Dining ( 


Here are some menu tips for eating out 
in restaurants: 

To Start: 

■ Choose vegetable salad instead of fried appetizers. 

■ Choose fresh noodles in soups instead of fried noodles. 


)ut in 

For Your Main Dish: 

■ Order foods that are steamed, boiled, stewed, poached, 
braised, roasted, or baked; request oil be served on the siiic 
for steamed fish and chicken. 

■ Select more chicken, fish, tofu, and turkey dishes instead ol 
pork, beef, veal or lamb, oxtails, and pig's feet, 

■ Don't order organ meats such as hver, brain, kidney, 
heart, and intestines. Choose something else instead. 
Organ meats are not healthy for you. 

For Dessert: 

■ Choose fresh fruits instead of sweet desserts like cake. 



Recipes fc 

Inihaw Na Bangus 

1 big bangus 

1 onion, chopped 

2 tomatoes, chopped 
salt and pepper to taste 

1. Clean the fish. 

2. With a sharp knife, cut along the back of the fish and 
remove the backbone. 

3. Mix chopped onion, tomatoes, and seasoning and stuff the 
fish with the mixture. 

4. Wrap in banana leaf and broil. j 

5. Serve with calamansi halves, \ 


)r Health 

Singgang Na Bangus 

1 medium-sized bangus 

2 medium-sized tomatoes 
1 onion 

1 cup sitaw pods, cut into two-inch lengths 

1 cup kangknog or camotc tops, cut into two-inch lengths or 
banana heart (butuan) 

8 green tamarind pods 

2 cups rice washing 

1. Clean the fish and cut into slices. 

2. Boil 1/2 cup rice washing in a covered pot with the 

3. When the tamarind is soft, mash the softened fruit. 

4. Strain. 

5. Return to the pot, add the rest of the washed rice, cover, 
and bring to a boil. 

6. When the water is boiling, add the onion and tomatoes, 
sitaw, and kangkong leaves. 

7. Cover again. 

8. When the vegetables are almost cooked, add the fish. 

9. Season with patis. 

10. Bring to boil, then remove from heat. 

11. Serve with bagoong and sliced fresh tomatoes. 



"Eat Your Way to Health" Booklet 
Reading Grade Level: 3 
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5" 

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